Seal Coating Crack Filling Preservation | Somerset, NJ
Protective Paving LLC

Prevent cracks and holes from happening

Don't wait too long to repair your parking lot. Sometimes a few cracks or holes can cause bigger problems. Your parking lot will last longer with our professional 


You can save yourself a lot of time and money by sealcoating your asphalt surface. The preventive measures taken will increase the lifespan of any parking lot or driveway.

Improve your parking lot

• Sealcoating

• Hot poured crack filling

• Asphalt preservation and protection

• Pothole repairs

• Patching




Need more than sealcoating?

Sometimes a parking lot or driveway is too damaged for repair or preventative measures. That means it's time for a new paved asphalt surface. We can help you.


We offer top-of-the-line asphalt paving for your parking lot and driveway. Our professionals will provide you with a stable and quality parking lot or driveway.

We are available 7 days a week! Call to schedule a sealcoating.


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