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Your parking lot reflects your business

Asphalt is only as good as the people who pave it. At Protective Paving LLC, we offer you the highest quality asphalt paving that money can buy. Your business parking lot or home driveway will look better than it ever has.

Broken and uneven parking lots are a nuisance to customers. Don't let your parking lot drive people away. Get a professional one installed and paved by the experts at Protective Paving LLC. Make parking fun for your customers!

Commercial and residential

• Parking lots

• Driveways

• Sidewalks

• Line stripping

• Private roads

• Quality asphalt

Keeping up with your asphalt

Our quality asphalt paving will last, but eventually normal wear and tear occurs. Weather and years of driving will cause damage to your parking lot and driveway. But don't worry, we can help!


We offer sealcoating and crack sealing to increase the lifespan of your parking lot!

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puck CTA Asphalt pavement on commercial place Asphalt parking area on commercial place

Need your business' parking lot plowed? We offer 24 hour emergency radio dispatch snowplowing service for commercial businesses.